Exterior Detailing

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Exterior Detailing Service

Don’t Drive in a Dingy Ride. Hire Discount Detail to restore your auto’s appearance.

Your vehicle says a lot about you. If it currently says you’re careless and sloppy, visit Discount Detail ASAP.

We’ll restore the pristine appearance of your car for a price you can afford.

Our auto detailers will hand-wash and dry your car and make sure we clean every area of the exterior. Then we’ll polish your vehicle until it shines.

Give your ride a classy look. Visit our shop today for exterior detailing.

The team at Discount Detail can do any type of auto detailing work.

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Our services include:

  • Hand-waxing and machine-buffing
  • Insect and tar removal
  • Oxidation and rust removal / protection
  • Overspray and fallout removal
  • Scratch removal
  • Hot carnauba waxing
  • Headlight restoration
  • Teflon protection and sealing

If you need your running boards repaired, we can do that, too. Whether you own a car, a truck or an RV, you can count on us to make your ride look sleek and beautiful.

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